Saturday, April 21, 2012


So, I went all AWOL on this whole blogging thing this week. You see, there has been a lot of life living outside our open windows and man, we've been digging it.

First of all, I have been completely all swooped up by this new baby love. No, no... not MY new baby love. BREATHE. Not you... I'm talking to myself. 

Where was I? Oh yes, new baby love. Guys. It is pretty stinking wonderful. This amazing circle of women that I have treasured in my life for up to 25 amazing years of friendship are now welcoming their special little ladies in their lives too. 5 new little girls in just 2 months. And pretty soon, 2 more boys. Annnnnd... majority of these are first born babes. You know how I feel about those. My heart might explode. In fact, it makes me so happy that I really want to just bust out dancing in the middle of the street when I think about it. The only thing stopping me is that I will most likely fall. Yep, I'm holding out not because it's strange... more just because boot camp kicked my booty so hard this week that I can't.move.a.muscle.

Man, am I off topic or what tonight? No more blogging past 2am.


There we are... right back on track. Perfect, beautiful babies. Like Caroline.

I so enjoyed meeting her this past visit to Dallas. She is so quiet and crinkly and not at all the size of any of my babies now. And strangely, that feels really okay. I get to love on their tinys... and then go home to these crazy kids.

I have decided this week, JUST THIS WEEK, that our family is a really nice fit for now. Aside from when hostesses try to squuuueeeze us all on a 4 top with a highchair, we fit quite wonderfully in this world together. Things feel balanced... in fact, I feel more balanced. Turns out, that you need adequate sleep to feel less anxious. Who knew, right? With the hubs out of work for a couple months (did I mention that here?), I had a great little partner in crime to help me through the day to day. I took naps... like every day. For the first time in perhaps 6 years, my little sleep tank is at a functional level again. Dancing in streets is actually possible minus that whole boot camp death thing. Who knew it would take a bout of unemployment to feel less anxious in my space? Life's funny.

Now that he has a new job (insert happy face), I have a RUDE awakening coming my way. I'm okay with it though and incredibly thankful for this precious time with the man I love. Oh, and quite thankful for predictable income. That'll be nice too.

So I'm here in this place where the days are longer and the breathing is a bit easier. While I am fully aware that can change in instant in this ever-evolving world, I am soaking every minute up.

How bout' you?

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