Sunday, August 12, 2012


So, I'm alive. I'm glad we got that awkwardness out of the way.

I, ahem... took a break? I moved... have been therapeutically decorating... sifting through some medical gunk with some fibro-funkypain-in-myalgia. It's been a bunch... of life. But you know, while at times a little sticky and muddy... I'm doing well and have never felt better supported. There are some pretty amazing people that love me.

Which is good because guys,... it's a pretty big week. I need to be doing better. Someone is about to be two hands old in age. In 3 days. Not that we're counting down or anything. It's going to big.

It's going to be FANCEE.

Rosie George is ready to party...

how bout' you?

Stay tuned for a week of favorites.

P.S. it feels good to be back on the grid.

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