Monday, August 13, 2012




I'm not quite sure how we have crossed over to two hands now, but look at us--- we're here. And yet, somewhere in the squeenchy bottoms of my gut, it feels right. You look like you're six. While dainty in size, you are ever so mighty in this world. You walk big, talk big... and wow, you think so much bigger than big.

At times, this year was a little hard for Mommy. You knew it... and you kept those extra snuggles just for when I needed it...bony elbows and all. I am constantly blown away by how in tune you are to those around you. You have some great gifts for this world, Molly May. You sure are such an amazing gift to me.

Tonight as I tucked you in bed, you sweetly whispered after prayers, "Goodnight 5-year-old, Molly" to yourself. And while, I am sure that you couldn't see the tears that instantly welled up for this sack of feelings... I know that you felt my celebrating love too. Celebrating you is my favorite.

So goodnight, sweet 5-yr-old... can't wait to meet this big ole' six-year- old you in the morning. I hear she's down one tooth and was so special that the tooth fairy stopped in for the first time to celebrate six-yrs-old too.  Fairy sure picked a perfect person to celebrate.

Love love love times six.

Molly's six! from Julie May on Vimeo.


tiffanymiller said...

Big ole' heartsies to Miss Molly May!!! We love you more than you know!

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