Friday, April 12, 2013

Fantastical Friday

You were feeling nervous weren't you? Like maybe I forgot to find the fantastical in today or something. I know, I'm such a big deal that you are hanging on to my every word in this vast bloggyworld aren't you?

No? That's okay.

But in the tiny off chance you were worried... I didn't forget... I was just saving it for later... much like dessert.

A BRIGHT in your face BLUE and GREEN dessert.

Now you tell me, what's more fantastical than these little friends just awalkin' all around, on a beautiful spring afternoon, in a gorgeous city park that is completely free and basically deserted?

Nothing. Nothing is more fantastical. Well.. okay... all this fancy sisterly love of recent has felt pretty fantastical too. Notice the pillows and paper towels. No accidental placement there. Molly's salon prides itself in luxury and comfort.

Fantastical Friday flair. Get yourself a manicure and mosey on down to Mayfield park pronto-stat. These buddies won't be in full feathery goodness too long!

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Sarah and Eric said...

Beautiful....Mayfield Park?