Monday, April 29, 2013


So, I really don't know how to start this post. What's the best way to describe the most incredible week of your life?

I exaggerate often, I know. But really? There's just no topping this week. Any week that starts with a girls' trip, a 3 lb. cinnamon roll and ends with 2013 convertible Camaro at the beach with your bestie really can't be topped. Weellllll, unless you happen to buy a house all squished between.

 Life's been a whirlwind of joy these past 10 days and we haven't ever been more thankful for these blessings of friendship, love and new adventures. Overwhelmingly speechless here... so I'm not even going to try to explain how I feel and instead just leave it in pictures. Unedited pictures because I'm way too tired but documented nonetheless.

Our week... beyond fantastical.

Which of course translates to started it off with a naked hula hooping party with our Austin buddies.

 Where we took to San Antonio for the weekend with friends that will always be home.

Contracted on our new home to-be (whew, that was an intense 24 hrs!)

Sooooo much paperwork that we had to put Gabriel to work. The kid's a machine.

And when it was all in... I celebrated with sweet wheels

abundant sunshine

and 16 years of amazing friendship.

Beyond thankful.

I'd say that I'm in for a serious let down this week but after the random snow cone truck parked in front of our house tonight and an eight year wedding anniversary to celebrate in the morning...

I'm pretty sure the week will be just fine.


Max said...

I love you SO much and having you here was the best way to kick off this amazing summer! How lucky are we to have each other and to live these amazing lives?! Love love love!!

Mary Anne said...

Wow!! Congratulations on a wonderful week!! And beautiful new home!!!