Thursday, May 9, 2013


Tour de April has alas come to an abrupt end. While wonderful and magical both my employer and immune system are thankful for my return to reality.

Let's suffice to say that the innerworkings of a Julie decided to hit reboot this weekend and it didn't bode to well for my nasal passages. I may have had too much fun with travel. A double ear infection and good ole' bit of sinusitis was going to do LITTLE to cramp my last weekend away.

Girl scout camp was legit.

Less in the sunrise by bugle and more of in an eat a spider with your coffee sort of legit. Legs and all. It's how I roll.

Not going to lie, there have been very few moments in parenting thus far that I have been struck head on with the great aha of "oh... this is what awesome feels like." Girl scout camp? Perhaps the greatest aha of them all. I think it is all a direct result of this new world of bigger kid. The memories you are sharing  in this phase with your child are actually ones that you remember making in your own childhood. Not just from some picture or story you've heard but rather true memories that you remember making with friends that are still so special to you now. It's pretty awesome.

My brother was actively going through treatments for a brain cancer throughout my 1st grade and 2nd grade years. As you can imagine, with 3 other children in the home, we didn't find too much 1:1 with time with my parents in this phase.

And yet, there was girl scout camp. I remember it well because I was really nervous to be going camping but soothed by the fact that my mom was able to be there with just me--- a special moment alone.

I guess I wasn't prepared for the feelings of that memory to resonate so clearly in this new adventure between Molly and myself... and yet there it was. To actively watch your child grow in a singular event from nervous and quiet to confident and aware is such an amazing gift to witness as a Mom. If my Mom experienced even a fraction of the type of Girl power weekend we had, then I am even more grateful for that special memory with her. For as a parent, I don't know how it could possibly get better from there... and yet, I know it does.

Camp was chaotic and loud. Full of new friends and the comedic girly conflicts between old ones.

There wasn't a moment that passed without gratitude for this awesome Hill Country I so fortunately get to call my home.

We  fought bravely for the weekend...

And in gathered strength, we claimed it for our own.

In the glow of the fireside, we found comfort in friendship under a starlit sky.

We returned home exhausted, in desperate need of a shower... holding close the memories of our very first camp out.

 Excited for many more to come!

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Mary Anne said...

Yea for Girl Scouts! So glad you and Molly are enjoying it all again!