Thursday, August 14, 2014

The greatness of EIGHT!

Oh, that greatness of eight.

It's a magical number.

Or wait... maybe it is just YOU that is magical.

Every day, I see tiny little glimpses of the beautiful woman that you are growing in to. It is a such a present for your Mom. Furrowed brow when concentrating, guarded smile when nervously happy, insanely high pitched giggle when amoungst your siblings in your safest space... it is all so beautifully and wonderfully you. Your intensity in life is matched equally in your concerns for the world and the love that you pour in to those you care about. While small and carefully selected, the people you choose to love arealways in the very best of care. You are such a warrior for those you love. 

I don't know what this next year is going to bring us. You see, that is joy we get to experience with you being our first baby. Every year is so new, so unknown and so full of such beautiful potential. I can't wait to see it all unfold. If last nights big girl date is any indication of the year to come, I cannot wait for it all. 

I love you so much, Molly. The light that exists in your heart is such a treasured gift for those you choose to share it with. How lucky am I to stand in that daily glow. You make my heart sing, kid.

Here's to a celebration of your next year of you. 

Love love love,

Molly's Eight! from Julie May on Vimeo.

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