Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Cake.

When you have a 10 day old it is pretty expected that some key things are going to get pushed to the side. Um... hello... Showering???? But. I really didn't expect to overlook something as major as you know---ordering your oldest child's birthday cake. Whoops. Sorry, Molly. We will try again next year.

Luckily, we already had Molly's friend birthday in July because I was completely prepared for my overall lack of quality parenting. I am still high-fiving myself about that one. We really did have a lot of fun and at 9 months pregnant during a Texas summer, there was no place I would rather be than a pool. 

I documented all that quality fun in one single picture taken at the party.

Bam. Proof of fun.

So. Fast forward an action packed month to August 14th when we are sitting at a stoplight mid-afternoon where I casually overhear Molly tell Gabriel, "I can't wait to see my frozen cake tonight."

Um.... well...

So, in case you too ever find yourself in this fairly common predicament (read: I am not a neglectful parent this probably happens all the time... right???) this is how you fix it in a flash.

Recipe for: Holy Crap I need a Disney masterpiece of a cake on the fly

Step 1: Park in the closest spot you can grab at grocery store and throw kids in the cart. The more that fit the better. Shoes are NOT a necessity.

Step 2: Push the cart faaaaaaaaar too fast down the aisles and maintain a crazy look in your eye. The crazier you look, the more likely you are that people will actually get out of your way. 

Step 3: Buy a cake that looks something like this.

Step 4: Don't panic. Bright clown looking cake will go away soon.

Step 5: Grab sugar cubes, and a tub of white frosting. 

Step 6: Race home, avoid your husband's questions regarding your plan... if in need.. just shoot him the crazy look you used in the grocery store. If he has any sort of survival skills, he will offer to help or back away quietly.

Step 7: Scrape off balloons. Mix, very little blue dye in the white tub of frosting and do one final layer on the cake.

Step 8: Line with sugar cubes (aka ice blocks), ransack your preschooler's room for hidden frozen characters and write your child's name with cookie frosting you purchased a couple months ago. 

And voila!

This whole parent of 4 thing...piece of cake. 

*** enter teeth clenched emoticon***

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