Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keepin' it real

I can't tell you how many times we have mentioned to each other just how thankful we are to have a sleepy and happy baby. I say this with full knowledge that regardless of how sleepy and quiet your kiddo is... no new baby is easy. We are exhausted. Bone deep exhaustion which we work really hard to not show to our other three kids. Let's be honest. 2 weeks from school starting, 100 plus temperatures outside and the overall odor from my less than ideally clean self... I think they are on to us.

Big families are really fun and hard and loud and... just about any other adjective you could think of. And with working in health care, I know how much hard we have avoided with four separate births.With Annie, our little hiccups here at the start have been minute compared to all the possible medical needs, developmental stressors, financial strain that could exist... We are humbled and grateful.

So, when our doctor told us that Annie's biliruben levels were on the rise, we really weren't all that surprised. I mean, we were 4 for 4 in the whole jaundice way of the world. Annnd... just like with each baby... the levels are slightly higher than the rest. So... we trekked to our awesome pedi office and welcomed our newest little glow worm to the May clan.

She's pretty cute, no?

Don't get me wrong... jaundice is no laughing matter but the "gear" was down right hilarious. Annie was ready to hit the slopes. 

 Luckily, a week in and she was off the bili bed. Just in time to get all fancy, head to the doctor...

and add a new little bit of apparel to our lives. Hooray, Pavlik Harness. 

It would seem that if you spend majority of your gestation holding on to your ankles like a folding lawn chair and then decide to enter this world sunny-side up, your hips, well... they don't like to stay in one place. So Annie, will be rocking this Pavlik harness for a good little bit while her hips (fingers crossed, and toes and everything else possible!!) stabilize in the joints. Right now, she has to be in it for 24 straight hours and I am hoping here in a week or so, we can finally take it off for a bath. Kid's getting ripe!!! This is one time that I am praying she doesn't take after her mom and can avoid a full on surgery, closed reduction and good deal of time in a full body Spica cast. How do you even begin to buckle that up in a car seat?? Let's hope we don't have to find out. September 3rd will be the date that we know more if surgery is on the horizon at our follow up ultrasound. Prayers are greatly appreciated!

The questions from little kids and parents out in the community have been my most favorite part. I love how kids are so comfortable with their innocent curiosity and general concern for our baby's well-being. And I love how uncomfortable those questions make their parents. Haha! The kids ask questions, I give the answers and then they just go on like it was nothing and love on my baby. So validating to my profession that highlights the importance of children understanding medical issues on a level they can process.

Jaundice, sleepy baby, hips out of their joints... still the ultimate snugglebug.

Sweet Nanners...you sure know how to calm our sleepy hearts.

Stay tuned for updates!!

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