Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Days of School

Back to school season is hands down my favorite time to look at social media. All these little pictures of kiddos in their back to school gear, faces beaming and the day full of limitless potential for greatness... forget the thermometer... the season is changing!!

Annnnnnd, this morning I might have celebrated with a pumpkin spice latte just to stick my Fall stamp of approval on it. 

Molly and Gabriel started back last Tuesday. First and Third grade never looked so good.

 or felt quite so magical.

Not to be out done, our little spit-fire started at preschool this morning at a brand new school right by our house. While I am sad to be away from our beloved Tiger Robin and friends, I am excited to have all my little chicks a little closer to home.

Lucy woke up with a smile, ready to rock some french braids, her rainbow dash necklace...

And start her day at school.

I walked back to the car after dropoff this morning stifling a little giggle because this new school has NO idea who just breezed through their doors. They'll catch on quick!!

I returned home, threw on pajama pants and snuggled my newest little all morning long. Not a bad start to the school year at all.

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