Thursday, September 4, 2014

1 Month in!

It is so very hard to believe that sweet Annabel has now been a part of our daily life for an entire month. I say this... but when I think about the sleepy nights, engorgement, issues with latching, 18 million pediatrician visits (thank you, hip dysplasia and jaundice!), piles of laundry and treks with 4 kids out in the real world... when I think about that part? Yeah, a month seems about right.

We have been so so blessed to have such incredible community this past month. Seriously, I'll start crying right here at the ole' keyboard if I think about it too long. In 4 weeks, we have had countless visitors, love texts from afar, 4 weeks of 4 nights/week of dinners brought to us (and they are still coming! LOVE me some care calendar), fun mail and my sister-in-law even paid to have my house deep cleaned by a maid service just yesterday. That joy... that walk in to a clean house that you didn't have to clean kind of joy? Well, let's just say that it ranks up there with joy of new babies in  my life. Shallow? Maybe. But, I'm owning it.

We have also been VERY VERY fortunate that our littlest love as our Orthopedic Surgeon put it, "quite possibly the most mellow baby he has ever seen". Sure, she is going to scream at you if she gets hungry... but who wouldn't?! Try to mess with her hip in a brace... accidentally push on her body a bit too rough (ahem, Lucy), bang 8 million pot lids together right by her little ole' sleeping space. At most you'll get a squeak... perhaps a big ole smile if you are lucky.

We sure do love our super lazy lady.

She is slowly starting to wake up more which is pretty fantastic. Especially since now, at any given moment we are met with this super smile...

Asleep time... awake time...

 I'll take whatever I can get with this ladybug. We love our "Nanners", so!  Excited for all that is in store next month!

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