Thursday, January 1, 2015


May the start of something new, always welcome me with laughter, friendship and a breezy sky... but if it doesn't at first... please help me remember that one day, with time, it will. 
 January 2014

May I always be grateful for an unexpected preview of warmth-- especially when it tiptoes through a cold, grey sky just to say hello.
 February 2014

May I never again let guilt overshadow my care of self. Even the greatest of Moms need some space to remember all the things that make them great.
March 2014

May love always candidly sneak up on me, capture at my heart and take my breath away.
April 2014

May I always be the type of Mom that stops the car, lets her kids get naked and run through a fountain that glows. 
May 2014

May I always appreciate the beauty of a beach nap with someone I love.
 June 2014

May I always remember that I am mighty in spirit...
 July 2014

and stronger in numbers.
 August 2014

May the feeling of home always rise up to meet me...

September 2014

And keep me firmly grounded in love.
October 2014

Sometimes, it just may be that breaking the rules and going outside of my own timetables...
 November 2014

can quite possibly make way for the perfect balance of sparkle in my life.
 December 2014

2014. I didn't want you. You threw me a change up right when I was so weary from loss. How little I knew of the love that you could bring me? For all the challenges of 2015 to come... may I never forget that.

Happy New Year.


Donna said...

You are a wise poet for such a young woman. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts and photos.

Sarah and Eric said...

Such a beautiful post!