Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Months!

Today we were all sitting in the middle of a car wash at Rudy's. Lucy was singing jingle bells full volume (can't let go of Christmas), Molly was playing her new recorder in the car... while trapped in the carwash (never again) and Gabriel was trying to tell me some facinating story about President Hoover from the back seat. I didn't know what was a worse fate... 5 more seconds in the car or scalding myself with hot soapy water by jumping out the driver door.

Do you know what you were doing through all this insanity joy? You were sleeping.

Kid. You are present for my soul.

Calm, smiley, giggly Annie. Did we hit the jackpot or WHAT?

Big month for you, Nanners. 

You pretty much learned all of the basic concepts associated with first grade math. You still get a little hung up on the minute hand. Don't you worry... I am fairly confident you will lock it down this month. 

Tummy time woes? Man... that was so last month. What a roly-poly tummy time champion you have become!

You are full of all kinds of tricks, Annie.

Last month you totally found your hands and now reach of everything. Claire is so excited about that milestone. Apparently, your cousin has the best.ear.ever.

Oh heeeeeeyyyyy there hand...

You also stumbled across the greatness of your thumb and became quite the thumb sucker for about a week. 


Goodbye, thumb. Hello, toe.

You sure are cute but dang, this whole toe sucking thing is pretty gross. 

I am a little concerned for you because in 24 days you will no longer be able to reach your toes. I keep trying to tell you but I don't think you believe that the surgery is ACTUALLY happening.

You are really quite the propped sitter these days. That is, unless your toes are exposed. Then it is more of a how fast can I nose-dive and get to that delicious big toe.

It's pretty.

Not really. But you know what was pretty for reals?!?! You at Christmas Mass. You took a little snooze through most of it, laughed with Aunt Katy a bit and went after Nonnie's necklace for a while. All in all, quality church-going.

Oh, five months. You are delicious.

 Gearing up for a chilly start to this next month of fun.

 Stay warm, friends!!

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