Thursday, February 5, 2015

6 Months!

After making it through the muck of today, it is crazy to think of all that has occurred in the past month. 
23.25 inches - 1%
12 lb 14 oz - 4%
41.2 (head) - 25%

For so long it seems... this 6-month milestone was a date that I was dreading. It's sad, really, because there is so much that I have loved in this past month.

Annie. You had such an incredible month and it has been such a joy to witness your little personality grow in to such a happy, tiny person. It doesn't matter our stresses or which sibling is having a meltdown... one little look at your happy smile and the entire mood of the home shifts. You are such a light, kid.

Don't you know Rosie George totally cashed in on all that warm, glowy goodness of you...

Annie, this month you had so much to say!

You mastered the awesomeness of prop sitting for a couple minutes at a time...

While you didn't get to eat Girl Scout cookies... you did get to try all sorts of great solids. We have yet to find one you won't eat. 

Aside from rolling everywhere... you were quick to discover the awesomeness of backwards crawling.

And much to our joy, you discovered how to put that pacifier back in all by yourself. 

Probably one the of the biggest blessings though, was meeting your new tiny buddy, Charley. She, too, is a fellow hipster and will travel this same journey of Spica right along with you. I am constantly in awe the strength that comes with community. I am so grateful to have Charley's sweet family in ours. And although you kept awkwardly sticking your entire hand in her mouth to say hello... I think she too decided to be your friend. Hooray for baby besties. 

You have been building friendships in all sorts of people this month.

Any friend that will let you suck on their nose must be quality... no???

This month was quite the reverse nesting for your Mom. I was scared and overwhelmed. When like this... I do what other sane  nobody else does and decided to redecorate two major living spaces. 

You were so patient through this process. Thank you.

All this DIY resulted in a shared big sister space...

 And your very own room. Woot. Woot.

We even threw a little ole' baptism in to the mix. You hated every second of it... less because of the religious ideology and more because you really wanted a nap. I hear you... I mean, I love a good nap too.

... And then I ended this month with the day I had been dreading for about the past 4.5 months. While it wasn't great by any means...

It also wasn't the worst of days either...

 Annabel Jane, I hope that you never lose this beautiful gift of resiliency and strength.

You have taught my heart more about life in the past few days then you will ever know. I am so incredibly thankful for you.

 Today has been harder. There's been muscle spasms, frustration with decreased movement, you're tired, I'm tired and quite frankly... you really need to poop. Not to mention your two bottom teeth are busting to break through any moment now... lots of not so great...

But you still continue to rally. 

 We will grow together in the newness of all this in the month to come. I'm sure of it.

And while there is quite the learning curve...

One day soon... it will be all behind us.

You are the bravest 6-month-old I know.

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