Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother knows best.

So… tonight we were sitting at dinner when Lucy runs towards us with this beautiful, tiny, purple balloon hanging from her mouth. I immediately complimented the color. Kelly, completely repulsed, turned to me with haste (and a wee bit of judgement if I may add) on how the idea of our child blowing up a random purple--- possibly used--- balloon was perhaps the most disgusting notion to have ever graced the planet. I believe that my response went something along the lines of “Geez…remember childhood fun?” or “What harm is there in her playing with a left over balloon?? Old man.”

After a few minutes of watching our third youngest run around in balloon blowing delight, it occurred to us that what she was reeeeaaallllyy blowing on was a restaurant staff member's “finger condom” ----or for you non-waited table before folk---the stuff you stick on a bloody, cut up finger. 

Oh, Heavenly day.

As if to further drive home the point, without missing a beat, Lucy reaches inside her “purple balloon” and spontaneously pulls out the most perfectly bloodied band-aid you ever did see. Kelly dry-heaved and I immediately ordered another frozen margarita stat with a side of Hepatitis C.

 It was quality parenting this Mother’s Day.

Our lucky children… we can’t even blame this budding negligence on some sort of newbie status. It did, however, lead to quality dinner conversation on the importance of not playing with trash and receiving regularly scheduled vaccinations. 

Always learning us, Mays.

Not a great moment added to the parenting win column…and yet, minutes later we were dance partying in the car to a little ZZ Ward (thank you, Margaritas), followed subsequently by sweetly putting a baby to bed and some top of the stairs whispering with my son about my top three most favorite star wars characters (Yoda, an Ewok and R2D2 --- in case you wondering). Suddenly, it would seem that our parenting status was re-balanced and all was right with the world once again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mamas out there. You're pretty wonderful… even if your score card may not ALWAYS reflect it at the end of the day.

Here's to parenting with a good deal of GRACE.

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