Friday, August 15, 2008

A preview of Elmopalooza

Tonight my mom and I made Molly's birthday cake for her party tomorrow morning. I have to say...I am quite proud! I am always in awe of my friend, Heather's creations so I thought I would post my hard work - what I like to refer as..."Heather Style" (by the way, please hurry up and open your own bakery so that I can just buy my children's birthday cakes from you...)

In case you can't read the says: "Dorothy is thinking about 2nd birthdays. Happy Birthday Molly!"
Mmm...hopefully it won't be too traumatic for our little Ta-Molly when we eat her best friend's face tomorrow! More details and WAY too many pictures to come!
Sweet dreams...

1 comment:

HeatherBakes said...

That cake is awesome! You don't need to buy cakes from me- that definitely looks like it came from a bakery. Great job, Julie :)