Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Lil' Rocky

Well it seems that Molly's lack of coordination has finally caught up to her. Yesterday Molly had a brawl with the coffee table... And while she did put up a good fight I think that coffee table might have gotten the best of her left eye! So...Molly is sporting her very first shiner...something tells me this won't be the last.

Here is Molly modeling her latest battle injuries...

Molly, where did you hurt your eye?

But, as you can see...this little hiccup won't stop her normal is our "tough stuff" enjoying breakfast and making peace with the coffee table!

Do you think that we jinxed her when we made her middle name Grace?

1 comment:

The Rogers Triplets said...

She is so beautiful, and getting more beautiful every eye or no black eye!