Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sail away...

Well, tomorrow marks a new first for me. My first time truly away from the kids.

This weekend my mom and I are taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest to go and see my youngest brother Jake. Jake is a sailor in the Navy stationed out of Bremerton, WA. This January, he is scheduled to go out overseas again and we will be on tour for a 6 month mission. This will be my first time to come and see him on his home turf. I am really really excited about catching a glimpse at his life away from home. My first time away from home was such an adventure. I really just feel that I learned so much about myself from the experience! When people from home visited, I had a sense of pride in my "home" and my ability to "introduce friends to the city I love". I love that I get to be that guest to my brother.

On the flip side...I am a little nervous. Kelly will be home with kids all weekend so it isn't like they are without their parent or anything...and Kelly is the most amazing daddy in the world- they will have a blast! In fact, they may not even notice that I am gone that much. It is just that this is the first time that I won't be there for all of the routines of the day and night time. In the past two years, I have spent 4 nights away from home (non consecutive). I am really going to make it a goal this year to steal my husband for a getaway!

When I am working through something on my mind- I have this freak tendency to go into clean mode. Not normal. I seriously deviate so far from the task on hand that I will take up lengthy projects. This was the reason that my house was always so clean the 9th month of each pregnancy. For example, tonight the original plan was to pack. This was quickly replaced with mopping the kitchen floor, completely reorganizing my closets and sorting through all my clothes for Goodwill. Again, not normal. I spent the entire time mentally yelling at myself for my insane behavior and reminding myself to pack. At this point, I was just a hamster on a wheel. It took awhile, but I am packed....and ready...mostly...sort of.

I mean could you ever be really ready to leave these kids...

I promise that Molly does not always have chocolate on her face.

So for all you individuals out there just looking for someone to pray for...maybe you could add me and my silly nerves to your list? And while you are praying maybe you could add my friend Heather in there too...she is bringing baby Avery in to the world tomorrow! We just love their family so much and can't wait to meet their new little girl! (do you like how I coupled my not-so-important prayer request with a VERY important one...I feel a little less lame now :)

Wish me luck!! I will definitely post pictures when I return!

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