Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Overdue

Okay, so this post is a bit overdue. I am home!!! I had such a wonderful trip to Washington. I really think that I was supposed to be born there and somehow landed in Texas. It is a state that definitely marches a little more to my rhythm...well the little bit of the state I saw! Who knows, maybe one day.

Kelly definitely has earned my endorsement for super-dad of the year. Everything went so wonderful with the kids! I know at times Molly gave him a run for his money. I only had one tearful (aka hysterical) phone call...but it was sort of induced by my own actions anyway. You see, I made this video for Molly to watch of me reading stories to her and singing songs...have I mentioned before that I am a child life specialist... well, she loved it...just maybe a bit too much. After the 5th time in a row of watching the "Mommy movie" OVER and OVER, Kelly had to drop the hammer. This is when the meltdown began. Kelly had to explain to Molly that it was just pictures of Mommy- not Mommy in the TV. Way to go child life specialist. To help calm her, Molly talked to me on the telephone while Kelly printed a picture of me out on the computer. For the remainder of the trip, Molly would sleep in bed holding an 8 x 11 bridal portrait (Molly dubbed..."Princess Mommy"). But we made it. And it was a great reunion.

Gabriel was SO excited to see me that he spiked his very first fever in the wee hours of my arrival to Texas. Our cool little man kept things nice and toasty at 103.4. Yikes! But, after a day and a half of fever he was fine. It was a freak first fever.

The rest of the week has been all about getting back into the groove of being home. I had such a nice trip...but it is always so nice to come home! This weekend was super relaxing...with the break from the heat. Thank you Gustav. You made it a little easier to transition from my 49-68 degree days in Washington. Oh, fall clothes...I miss you.

It seems that while I was away the kids each learned a bunch of new tricks which will be shown in later posts! The only video I am including is of the kids this past week. I was going to crop the video to decrease the level of boredom for you viewers but really couldn't find a good spot. I am so bad at that. So, feel free to tune out at any point...I just really felt the whole video was a strong representation of our daily dynamic...Enjoy!

Tomorrow Gabe and Molly have their well-visits...again, a little overdue. They will both be getting pokes so we will see how that goes... I will be flying solo. Updates and stats to come!

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