Monday, September 29, 2008

Golden Weekend

Well I am in a bit of a better place than my last post. Amazing how some good friends and a little celebration can help you gain a sense of balance. First of all, thanks to all the emails and comments of support. It is nice to hear that I am not the alone in the struggle against two. I need reminding from time to time.

Saturday was the start of my golden year. In case you didn't know this, your Golden year is the one year where your age matches your birth date. So, if you happened to miss it because you were either uninformed...or maybe one year old or something I say you can backdate it and celebrate it again! We sure had fun celebrating mine!!!

Nothing makes a bad day better like presents. Mel, you have impeccable timing!!! Thank you so much for your sweet gifts! It came at the time when I was most needing to smile! The kids loved their goodies too!

Gabriel loved his new books but also thought that the tissue paper was his present as well!

And how could Molly not smile when she saw her Elmo guitar?!

Friday night my Mom babysat so my husband could steal me away to dinner! We then went to our favorite pub, watched the debate and played darts! I think that the darts were a great way to release some tension! Thanks Nonnie for watching the kids! You have NO idea what a life saver you were!

Saturday morning was GOLDEN DAY! I woke up to "happy birthday Mommy" with a yummy breakfast! Then we were off to ride my favorite...the trolley!

We happened to stumble upon a street festival in uptown. If you didn't know this, I happen to LOVE street festivals. We decided that it must have been in honor of my golden day and so we decided to attend! Such a pretty day for a stroll...

Saturday night, we had a few people over to cook out and visit! I just love parties outside! We had some yummy birthday cobbler and really great visits with people we love!

Such a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!!!