Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Girl.

I am always so amazed about the things that little kids deem their most favorite in the world. For example, meet "Little Girl" (named by Molly)

Little Girl just might be the love of Molly's life. Little Girl is such a great friend to Molly and supports so much of her daily routine. I mean seriously, what friend do you know that will sit on the sink while you brush your teeth, pick out your clothes in the closet, look IN the potty chair to see your tee tee (or lack of :( ), taste all the parts of your dinner, go on playdates to the arboretum, ride buckled in your car seat, permit you to TUG on their hair, allow you to catapult them at the cat, and sleep in your shoe at night time? I have some pretty incredible friends but I don't think they would tolerate much of that routine.

So, McDonald's, although you do contribute to so much obesity in the world...we are so thankful for the greatest treasure that you have given to our daughter...her best friend, Little Girl.

Little Girl, how could life exist without you?

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Carole said...

I heart this post...too funny:)