Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Sun

Now this is my kind of life. Salty air, bedside beachy noises and cute little kiddos sporting their naked swimsuits at bath time... it can't get much better than this!

Unfortunately I am without a USB so I will just leave you with a few favorite memories so far ---and you can create your own mental pictures!

Favorite Moments:

Apparently according to Gabriel you must GROWL like a Dino when crossing the Mississippi River and then laugh uncontrollably at 2 in the morning... it is the only way to properly break in a road trip.

Gabriel has loved all the nakedness and little clothing that occurs in beach land. He also has developed an affinity for naked peeing.

Molly has CONQUERED the big pool and now will not let anyone else touch her in the water...Jasmine likes to swim by herself please.

Kelly in a complete moment of showing off--- incredibly showing off--- his mad scattergories skills accidentally worked on list 11 while everyone else completed list 12. So funny!

The 6 year old of the group is the gal with ALL the ANSWERS--- it is amazing!!! Perhaps a future as a detective? Nancy Drew has got nothin' on this gal!

The truth is that I could have this relaxation feeling in my every day home life... I am working on it! for now though bring on the weeks worth of beach and sun while I figure out how to bundle up happy beachy land in the car for the long drive home!


Max said...

Oh, I miss beach land!! I am SO glad you guys are having a nice time! I can't wait to see pictures! :) Love you!

Leslie Dominie said...

Where did you guys go? It reminds me of Pensacola. I just finished looking at your fun pics on facebook. So fun!!

Leslie Dominie said...

1 week...AAHHH!!! So exciting..but so much nervous energy..also scary...pretty much every emotion rolled into one! We go to Pensacola every other summer, have been since I was 7 or 8...I know my white sandy beaches!!