Thursday, November 19, 2009


At the start of our last “winter” season, I realized that Molly really didn’t have coat for those frequent “cold” nights here in Texas… This warranted a nice little coat shopping trip.I really had the perfect coat in mind as I just knew that Molly would look adorable in a cute little lined pea-coat.

Yes, my child may just be another opportunity to play dress up as an adult- so sue me… I consider it a literal fruit of my labor (a little fruit perhaps--- a kiwi maybe?)

Per usual, Molly had her own ideas about her winter apparel on our shopping soiree.

The pea was quickly replaced with fluff and the classic brown transformed into florescent pink. That’s right folks, the girl could stop traffic with her colors. But it was hers and beautiful and she was in love. Like love-love-three-year-old-nothing-better-in-this-world-than-perhaps-extra-marshmallows-in-your-hot-chocolate type of love. It was intense and there was no negotiating. Welcome to the family, pink snow fluff coat--- we think we’ll name you “Cher”.

I have to admit I might have shamefully allowed her partake in activities that I normally wouldn’t in such apparel (like painting, eating spaghetti, rolling in mud…you get it). You know, for all the apparel I seem to effortlessly destroy, Cher was indestructible. It seemed that there was no way our Cher was going to “go gentle into that good night.” She was here to stay.

I had one thing to last me through the winter… the changing of the seasons. Kids grow. Molly would grow and Cher… well she would soon take up residence in Aunt Katy’s house. Hehe. I just don't think that I was prepared for the miracle that took place this year on Solta Drive. You see, it seems that Cher grew too.
I know, it is a lot to take in. I'll give you a minute.
First week of true cold was last week. Molly's spry-self reached the closet seconds before me and just like that, Cher was back. She had re-emerged pink, fluffy, and quite impossibly now a 3T. Fits like a glove … a florescent one. The love has now been replaced with the heightened intensity that distance can only bring- it apparently does make the heart grow fonder.

I may be a little crazy about the helmet wearing at the May household but I will NEVER have to worry about broken bones from a bike fall.

Super pink fluffy padding? Check.

Anyone else looking at this picture find yourself humming Blue Lagoon too?

“Ain't nothing gonna break my stride…Nobody's gonna slow me down…
Oh no, I've got to keep on moving”

Fashionista 1 – Mommy 0.

Welcome back, Cher.

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Max said...

I am did Cher get back to your house? Is it a new Cher? Haha. Also...I love that song! Did you see it on my FB like a week ago? Great minds think alike!! :-)