Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Ward

What started out with one has now materialized into the entire family--- well, almost the entire family. I am stand now as the sole defender of the stomach virus and continue to remain hopeful that I will prevail in this battle. What a battle it is!

It is really interesting because the virus was introduced into the family from the least expecting person- Mr. Gabey. In hindsight, I could have seen it coming. After all, he is the one that licks (yes licks) the shopping cart. When you gross out the Walmart employee (who I am sure sees all sorts of retail horrors) you know that you have well crossed the line of yucky. Gabriel has quite the palate for dirt and with a few pebbles here and there for good measure. Come to think of it he just might be the "germiest" kid I know. I totally should have seen it coming.

I am pretty confident that we are on the tail end of this plague but perhaps I am just relying that it is for sanity sake. Perfect day for cuties to be on sale at Albertson's... man, I stocked up!

So... the May antics are a bit subdued and the pictures are really scarce these days while we all regroup. More to come when we emerge healthy and ready to take on the park slides again.... only to return to the daily intake of dirt and pebbles I'm sure...

Think healthy thoughts for us!