Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Chair

When Molly was little one of my childhood friends bought her this adorable little pink rocking chair. I think it could also come apart and be a puzzle or something but it always seemed a little too challenging so I never attempted it. Molly loved her little pink chair! In fact, once Gabriel was born he too would climb into the chair on occasion which usually sent Molly on some major meltdown about losing her "stuff". I swear, that child has a bunch of stuff and apparently, her brother is always trying to take it from her.

I have often contemplated buying Gabriel is own little chair so that he could have some place to read books... but like so many things it seems... those plans get sort of put on a VERY distant back burner where perhaps the gaslight is out?

Never fear though. I seemed to have birthed "Mr. Innovative" and the situation is completely under control and much more to his liking than some boring ole rocking chair.

Meet Gabriel's most favorite chair these days.

He tilts it up, leans it at the PERFECT angle on the wall so that it doesn't roll away and has a nice little sit. He even uses the top of the truck as a foot rest.
Leave it to my two-year-old to fix all the forgotten projects. Smarty pants and cute. Definitely a keeper.

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