Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Well, it sure was an exciting morning here at the May household. Today marked a new milestone for our life in Austin in that it was BOTH kids first day of preschool! I can't begin to tell you how strange it is to be kidless for the first time in oh, 2.5 years. It warms my heart so much to know that Molly and Gabriel are right there together in the same little school. Kelly and I saw this as a little preview to all the years that they will be right by each other at school, passing in the halls and seeing each other on the playground. See... children born 18 months apart are chaotic in the beginning but definitely have a few special perks down the road.

Molly has taken this opportunity to be the "big sister" here and spent all last night telling Gabriel about school. She even told him that if he got sad he could come and give her a hug. If only I could replay that moment on video over and over again for the rest of my life than all would be well.

But back to school. It was undoubtedly, quite unfathomly the smoothest transition to school ever. Turns out my stage 4 clinger might have been a little bit more ready for school than we thought... at least for today. His breakfast was eaten standing up, wearing his backpack in jammies. Excited much?

He wouldn't even take it off to snuggle with Daddy and watch some cartoons.

Miracle of all miracles was that their first day of school apparel actually stayed clean all the way up to drop off. Molly and Gabriel are both sporting their new school shoes. Stride Rite did not disappoint... apparently, they specialize in fitting potato shaped feet.

Molly is all about the posing these days.

Due to the monsoon outside, all pictures were kept inside.

Off we go... "rain brellas" in tow.

Molly is actually upstairs at her new school which she thinks is the coolest thing ever! Here is at the top of the stairs about to turn down her hall. What an old pro. She could have walked in the building all by herself. Too bad she has sappy parents that cramp all that independence.

We specifically saved Gabriel for last because he is notorious for having mini-melts at the thought of leaving Mommy and Daddy. We didn't want Molly to model Gabriel's reactions and have a hard drop off too. So off to Gabriel's class we went. It is farm themed and he LOVES it.

Does this look like the face of a nervous schooler? Um, no.

He couldn't get us out of there fast enough. He just wanted to play cars. Hopefully, his new found love of school can stick around because this morning sure felt nice and easy. And I didn't cry (at least not today so that counts :)
I did have all these lofty plans of running a million errands but thanks to good ole' Tropical Storm Hermine, pajama pants and a good book sounded much more my style. Oh, and this too...
I have already learned that I am apparently not much fun for Rosie. She is bored and keeps giving me sad eyes. It seems she misses her puppies. I keep telling her they will be home in no time but she doesn't seem to understand. I didn't have the heart to tell her this is our new life two days a week. Live and learn, Rosie.

Hoping for easy afternoon with two overly-tired preschoolers. Stay tuned.

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Stewart Stuff said...

Too cute! I love Gabe's slicked hair. We missed you guys at preschool playtime today.