Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little sunshine

So, today was not stellar. In fact, it felt far from it at times. I felt pretty lousy today and quite possibly won the world's worst Mommy award with the amount of kid movies watched at our home this afternoon. Well, we did sneak outside during the morning hours so at least there's that. I think that we are all perhaps fending off the tummy bug that has apparently plagued our neighborhood. What better reason to stay inside, no?

Well, it was a good plan until the AC broke. Our unit decided to freeze over so we had to let it thaw out... and while it did get a little warm in the house it could have been way worse... I believe the high was only something like 87 today? 90? That's practically winter here :) As I write this we are sitting at a nice and comfy 74 and the AC guys will be back in the morning to try and find why it is we had the freeze up... just as long as it doesn't happen again, I am happy!

So, not the best day. We did a few moments that brought some much needed sunshine...

1. Molly took our inside afternoon as a chance to make some very lovely portraits of Mommy and Daddy. My favorite part is that she left them on our pillows to find. This gal is an intense pen artist and I have to tell you she has quite a talent... looks just like Kelly, no?

And I have some awesome teeth. Look at the detail of my hair... serious concentration here because that is all in pen. Short, quick, fiery little strokes... a true insight into the artist.

Another sunshine to the day is that we bought these great tower fans. I have been meaning to get them for a while because my mom swears by hers. We love them... Gabriel loved it so much that he took this opportunity to air dry in front of it... in nothing but his cowboy hat and high heels. Too bad I didn't get that on film.
Here's to a cooler and better tomorrow!

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HeatherBakes said...

I LOVE your portrait. Are you wearing a scarf? And carrying a magnifying glass?