Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Central Market

As these summer days are coming to a close, we are quickly trying to get in some summery activities... did I mention school starts for BOTH kids next week? That is right, world. For the first time in 2.5 years I am going to be kid free for 2 days a week. Oh, the possibilities... which really just equates to more possible shifts at the hospital... with the occasional coffee date of course!

This past Saturday was glorious. By glorious I mean obligation free and COOLER... cooler as in 92 degrees versus 107. We'll take it. We were so excited to try Central Market's Saturday Night concert. First of all, I am going to throw this out there--- the North Lamar Central Market is the BEST most AWESOME family friendly store I know of. Like how I threw out the "I know of part"? Leaves me some room to slowly back out of my committal statement once proven wrong. I'm sneaky like that.

Anyways, we love this place. This playground is INCREDIBLE and it is very likely where we will be having Gabriel's 3rd birthday there. Yep, at the grocery store because that's how we roll. On Saturday nights they have live music and great dinner specials. This past Saturday was a group that played lots of salsa. And who doesn't like that?

This girl sure does. She came FANCY sporting her Barbie sticker Bindi

and super awesome topsy tail... sans topsy tail device. I know. I rock.
While Molly brought the fancy, Gabriel definitely brought the cool.

This place had an insane crowd. Apparently, there are a lot of salsa lovers in good ole' ATX.

But guess what?! Giant crowds, lots of kids, one lady with 8 trick dogs and still... no stress.

Way to go CM. Who knows, maybe we'll see ya next Saturday too.


Rebekah Baker said...

Look at old your kiddos are looking!!! I can't believe how much they've changed since Christmas. I agree with how awesome that Central Market is in Austin. Benji and I fell in love with it when we visited and we were even kid free.It is just all around Awesome! I wish we had one here!

Melissa Figueroa said...

YES! I highly recommend for Sunday brunch too! Try the goat cheese and mushroom quesadilla...its a favorite!