Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rockin' River

Okay, so today we visited the coolest little water park EVER and I am sooo sad that we are just finding it at the end of summer. Boo. This definitely could have been a cousin hot spot for us... oh well, I guess there is always one more reason to visit us next summer.

We went to the Rockin' River in Round Rock, Texas today with some child life specialists, their kids and their friends. It was a big group and really fun to meet new people!

We had a blast...which also meant a TIRED crew for the remainder of the day. Early bedtimes? Nah, that would have just made too much sense.

If you live in the area and haven't been, I think they are open for two more weeks? You should check it out! There is a lazy river...

This superfun water "castle"
And Gabriel's dream slide. He tried really HARD to convince the life guard that he was tall enough to go but it remained a no-go. Whew. Don't think I am ready to be chasing him down giant slides just yet.

And look at miss attitude. This picture posing is getting more and more elaborate by the day.

Such a fun day... and look, you can tell how tired they were. Success by all accounts.

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