Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A baby no more

We have just been soaking up the visits these past couple weeks from people we love so much! My friends, Allison and Lauren, each visited a couple weeks back; Papa, Mama Sue and Aunt Rara popped in while doing college visits (yay!); Nonnie and the Ricken's stayed over this past weekend; and we finally had our visit with our godson, Baby Jude and "Aunt Balissa" during the week.

We feel so loved.

Now, baby Jude. Not going to lie, a HUGE perk to living here is that we can now be so much more active in his little life. Another fact, baby Jude is no longer a baby. In fact... look who is walking now like a big boy!!! (Oh, and Mel...seconds after you left we found that cup---it was under Gabey's bed.)

Of course, this was not our first attempt to see the Figueroa's. In fact, we had made several attempts but each time there were either terrible storms or the dreaded tummy bug stopping our fun. It makes perfect sense that this visit was accompanied by some pretty intense storms too. We 'weathered' it and because I have such a clever husband, we were still able to have some swimming fun...in the garage.

And now our house is actually big enough for multiple tents at once. Whoohoo to that. Jude was more taken with the tv controls though. At least the Mays kept busy with the tents.

Such a great visit with our favorite little man!

I especially love this picture because 1. it completely shows our UGLY yellow tile on the kid's bathtub wall and 2. because of Jude's face. The boys were really having so much fun taking a play bath together while playing dinosaurs. And then Gabey pretended to be a dinosaur and poor Jude was done.
His face says it all: "Mom, get me outta here stat."

Come back and play Figueroa family... and just think, within in the month Uncle Chris can FINALLY come play too!!!

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