Sunday, August 15, 2010

Molly's Birthday Bonanza

Can you believe it world? We have one of these now...

This past week we celebrated Miss Molly, Uncle John and all our favorite things about Dallas... well, a good chunk of them. That is a post for another time...

This year we decided to copy my friend, Tiffany's, approach to birthdays and keep it nice and low key for the big 4. We had family members that were just getting back in town, friends with little babies and it was a lot easier to just keep this party nice and small this year... never a nice thing to plan an event that forces everyone you love to hang out in 106+ degree weather for lengths of time. You heard that right. It was hot. But don't you worry... we managed to have a bunch of fun.

Yes, Molly yet again had another party evolving around water as everyone before has... but come on, what else is there to do in August? We avoid chuckie cheese with all our might and bounce town was booked out. We like to swim... and Molly had a way cute new swimsuit too.

This year, we escaped Dallas for a party and headed out to good ole' Richardson. And while I didn't see the pool until a day before the party--- it did not disappoint. Good thing my sister really knows the ins and outs of Richardson!

Aloha, Birthday Party!

When you arrive first it is REALLY hard not to eat all the snacks... Birthday girl was ready to party!

and so was her partner in crime...
All this water to swim in and the kids can't step away from the "Guaca-molly." Such great cousin fun!

We also had the chance to spend the afternoon with the HAPPIEST.BABY.ON.THE.PLANET. I kid you not, this little guy is hilarious and he has some GREAT party tricks.

Birthday cake is SO exciting!!!
So much to wish for in year four.

Personally, I wish for a day where Gabe will actually eat with only utensils. So far, that day has not arrived.

Molly was really into her "mail" this year and wanted to read all the cards. A girl after my own heart.

Who knew that low key meant WAY relaxing?!

And when a birthday princess picks the restaurant, you know that you are in for a GREAT dinner. Tony's, we have missed you!!

Happy Birthday, Molly! You are already off to a great new year!

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