Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our FlutterBy

My family has always held a special place in our hearts for Monarch butterflies and Mockingbirds because in many ways we have always felt like the spirit of our loved ones from the past have chosen to send their spirits to visit us at butterflies and mockingbirds. Okay, I know this seems strange and I am okay with the judgement derived from the previous statement. But the way I look at it is pretty simple... in the career I have chosen, I have witnessed true miracles that were beyond explanation and I have come to accept that there are MANY things in the world that are just unexplainable...especially, in regards of the bridge between life and death. And at the end of the day, this belief that I hold brings me peace and allows me to feel a connected moment with someone I have loved from my past. So, that by itself makes it worth it.

Today, my little family spent the morning at one of our favorite splash parks (Brushy Creek Park). Despite the fact that you are in DIRECT sunlight the entire time you are not in the water, the park continues to be a family favorite. This morning was extra special because we had a nice visit with a "flutterby". This Monarch butterfly would not stop circling our family! Wherever we went on this splash pad, it was there. It was especially taken with Molly... I mean it is her special time of year with a birthday less than 6 days away and all... this butterfly wanted to celebrate Molly for sure. At first Molly was nervous because she kept thinking it was going to bite her.

And then, just like crawled into Kelly's hand.

Molly and Kelly decided it might be a little thirsty so they put it near some water on the ground. Molly thought this was the coolest thing ever.
While Gabriel thought his bucket was the coolest thing ever. They have very different interests, these two.

Very different.
Eventually, "bucket head" started to visit with butterfly too... and managed NOT to step on it. I mean, how tragic would that have been? eek!

Such a great little visit this butterfly had...
spending its time at the splash park with these bucket heads.

As we walked away it flew off to the trees... I guess it had its fill of fun too.

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