Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Dallas Date

I didn't want to let too much time go by without mentioning what an incredible time in Dallas we had this past week. Besides celebrating one fantastic four-year-old, I finally had an opportunity to celebrate some of my favorite things about Dallas. Now, while 4 days is quite lovely in Dallas, it still wasn't quite long enough to visit with all the people we love... and I was very sad that I didn't get to see my Grandma... always great fun to be had when we come back and play!

In (technically 4 days) I celebrated:

Book Club and the amazing women that make up that group.
Dinner with my family
Visits with my siblings
Scottish Rite Park
Chick Fil-a
Bennie and Ms. Caroline playdate
Avery Bug and Miss Tiffany (and cooper!!!) playdate
Kaycee Pool
Backyard dinner at Uncle John's and Aunt Katy's
Uncle John's birthday bonanza
Love Field to get my love
Molly's Birthday Bonanza
Tony's Pizza
Baker Love
Family time at Gigi and Haji's

What a couple of days!!! It felt really nice to just "live" in Dallas for a few days. Now Aunt Maxey is visiting in Austin too. Feels like Christmas... a little bit of Dallas in Austin sure feels like home to me!

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