Saturday, November 13, 2010

Be a coach

When I think of mandatory staff training session on a Saturday morning, "fun" is really not the first thought to pop into my non-caffeinated little head. I think I had a few more choice phrases. The cool 46 degree weather that met me at the front door and promised to be a GORGEOUS morning did little to improve my mood.

But I went. Because I mentioned the whole mandatory thing right???? And I have authority issues and am the ever student... so you bet I was there.

Let me tell you. One of the BEST stinkin' development sessions I have been to in a looooonnnggg time. We were such an interactive group that they even rewarded us with breakfast tacos. In case you didn't know this, the way to my heart just might be through a breakfast taco with salsa on the side. Mmmm. All kidding aside, this information was incredible. The theme of the whole presentation was to focus on "Healing without Harm" or in the contexts of healthcare...what you need to do to not kill your patients. Important stuff. I am a lover of conferences. I love presenting, get giddy in the audience and let's face it--- I am that annoying girl sitting next to you that actually participates and shamefully cries during the little video snippets. Pregnancy hormones? Nope... I was like this back in my good ole' life with margaritas days too. Remember, I'm a feeler folks'?

One of my most favorite things about a good conference is when the material is applicable to life in general and the presenters play off that. In fact, it might be safe to say that I actually feel like a better parent based off the information I was presented today as a clinical technician. This whole 5:1 ratio of positive feedback to negative--- um, yes please.

Now one of the concepts I was MOST impressed with was this whole idea of being a coach in life. Supporting the people in my everyday life be it colleagues, my children or just strangers. Because in a hard situation--- it can mean the difference between success and failure... and in the world of healthcare, life and death. One of the examples they gave to drive this point home was this video from youtube. Not a new video and perhaps you have seen it. What an incredible moment of a stranger reaching out to help someone and result in an effect that was far more positive than ever thought possible. And just a second too late, could have had a very tragic end.

And yes, my deskmate almost hugged me after this one because I was one weepy rotund lady. Got to love it when a good life moment touches your heart. And because this is my sappy blog--- I am choosing to share it with you.

So, pause the music on my side (if you haven't already) and enjoy.

In my world of parenting, healthcare, friendship and family--- I can only hope that I can learn to better become a coach.

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