Thursday, November 18, 2010

Park Project

We are just about daily park goers here. In a world of analogies, Mays:Parks is like Crack:Addict. Okay, so perhaps not the most PC analogy but whatev'--- you get my point.

In Dallas, I had a fellow park going addict, Caroline, to keep me company on all of our hunts for the best new exciting park. I know that she would LOVE project park too. The other day, I came across this blog where various writers review different Austin topics. My favorite (and by favorite of course I mean super-jealous-totally-could-have-stolen-this-project-with-perhaps-the-help-of-one-Caroline favorite) section is the series where this one writer reviews the parks all over the Austin area. It is broken up by area of town and includes pictures and practical other tidbits of info--- like if there are bathrooms, best place to park, time of most shade. AMAZING. So far, she has reviewed what appears to be like 30 parks maybe? Ahh, project park. We are frequenting ALL of them... well, most of them. The ones that she gave a negative review of we tend to not visit because she does make some keen observations and valid points.

Here is the specific link to the park review. You sort of have to play with the website a little to get the full feel for it. Hopefully, it will help your little Austinites find all sorts of new adventures. Caroline! You totally need to do this for Dallas--- I could be an assistant ghost writer :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Someone pointed me to your blog, that you had linked Little Austinite. :-) Thank you very much for the kind words! -Julia (of LIttle Austinite)