Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Thanksgiving Practice

This year, we took the whole practice makes perfect thing in a different direction. Hint: think food.

Thanksgiving is like the FEAST of the WORLD... an eating championship of sorts, no? Well, I don't know about you but I really just don't feel very comfortable heading to a championship without a little practice. You know... to stretch your stomach and all.

Behold... the FIRST (quite hopefully annual) Thanksgiving Practice! This year, we decided to host a thanksgiving potluck with some friends here in Austin in efforts to gear up for the big week of eating to come. And who am I kidding, it was SO much fun to finally get to use all that fun gear we registered for 6 years ago. Electric turkey carver--- that thing is AWESOME! We had such a great intimate group this year and I really believe that it was the perfect start to a fun new tradition!

Turkey Day decor? Check.

Table full of food? Check.
Quality feasting and visiting? Check.

Happy kid table? Check.

A night to remember? BIG check! (sorry we missed a couple in this picture!)
And I have to say that having practiced now, I definitely feel more confident in my eating abilities for the week. Baby Lucy does too.

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