Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hopping Holiday Weekend

I know that I don't even have to mention that the holidays are here. You know this. Christmas lights everywhere, aisles of toys crowding up the stores and let's not even mention that little dip in the bank account. Yeah... let's not even go there.

Another indicator that the holidays are upon us is the BUSY schedules we seem to be keeping these days! While yes, they are fun and exciting--- it is also REALLY busy. This past weekend was NO exception. 32 hours of fun in Dallas celebrating one special one-year old and one awesome mommy. Great weekend.

Because we weren't leaving for Dallas until Saturday morning, we had just enough time to squuuueeeze in a quick trip to the Sights n' Sounds festival in San Marcos, Texas. This is a family favorite for sure and I am shocked at how much it has grown in just the past 6 years! Luckily, it still had that small town feel that makes it oh, so wonderful! If you missed it this year---be sure to check it out next season.

Such BEAUTIFUL Christmas lights...

can really put you in mood to dance. Carlton style.
And even though, it was a lukewarm 72 degrees it was still a very festive night!

And you bet we didn't resist the May family favorite...

Once we arrived in Dallas it was off to celebrate this big boy! Baby Jack turned one and he had such a fun celebration! It was a circus themed party which sure seemed like the perfect fit for my two clowns.

And... it was a great excuse to see some other favorites too!

The rest of our weekend was pretty much spent preparing for a shower honoring Miss Stella! We can't wait for her to arrive!
Everything at the shower was so wintry and festive. It helps that the high was somewhere around 50.

At least Molly had her best friend to snuggle with and stay warm!

Even Stella and Lucy had some quality belly kissing time.

So busy and yet so much fun. Hard to believe that Christmas weekend will be here soooo soon. We are becoming quite good friends with IH 35.


Stewart Stuff said...

Love the belly pic!

Melissa Figueroa said...

Yall are adorable pregos!

Melissa Figueroa said...

Oh and I will take full credit for introducing you to Sights n Sounds in my hometown. I LOVE that it's your family tradition now too!

Camille said...

We loved seeing you guys! Love the belly pic!