Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Share those cookies!

I have had awesome intentions of blogging each night this week. However, I didn't factor in a fun filled weekend and then two nights in a row of ER shifts. So... here we are.

Last week my friend, Ticia, hosted a cookie swap with a group of Moms and kids. I had never been to one before and ooooooohhhh the sugary goodness was just about perfect. Yes, "was" is my sad little verb of choice because you can bet your buns those cookies were all consumed in a matter of two days. Baby Lucy says thank you, Ticia.

The concept is really easy. You bring a batch of your favorite cookies (that hopefully your children won't destroy/consume pre-party) and the recipe. Then you swap them with all the goodies that the other people brought. In the end I had my own carton of 6 different kinds of cookies that were FANTASTIC.

We also had all the kids decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. And yes, Gabriel is eating a spoonful of communal icing right as I was taking this picture. Because my view screen is messed up I didn't know it until I was home... oops. Happy germs, friends.

Do not let Molly's expression fool you=== she is just in icing overload as she licked about 4 cookies clean. FUN ride home. And yes, that awesome McDonald's happy meal watch she is wearing goes EVERYWHERE with us. And... her shirt might be on backwards. Don't judge.
Who loves cookies? (and dirt, rocks, dog food...) THIS GUY!
Molly was really excited to finally meet baby Kasey. Molly had been waiting for her to "pop" out and now that she is here, she just couldn't keep her hands off her. I can't wait for her to snuggle our little Bellini.
Such a good time with friends!
I really would be okay having a weekly cookie swap... anyone?

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