Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Day

Today was a first "check" to see how I was progressing with labor. I have to say, I knew I had been feeling quite a bit of pressure this past week and so it was nice to have it confirmed that yes, things are starting to advance.

I am currently dilated between a 1-2 and 50% effaced. For some people this means, VERY soon labor. Not so much for me... I tend to dilate early and then just hang out for a bit. This is the first pregnancy that I am OK with that plan. Molly is the flower girl in my friend's wedding on April 2nd and it would be so wonderful to share in that moment with all of them... and to see Molly in her "princess dress". Due to our little duo and traveling family, we do have an induction date set for April 5th. So, at the latest--- our Lucy girl will be here in 21 days. Wow.

I am really loving that I have had the blog so long because I am able to go back and remember things from the last few weeks with Gabriel that I can't with Molly. You read about that final month here.

It is all soooooo exciting!

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