Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mommy night out!

Trips to Dallas are always so much fun because we get to visit all of our favorites about Dallas. We are finding though that it is difficult to cram all of our favorites into just one little weekend. Hmmm... perhaps a week trip this summer?

This trip was extra special because thanks to my friend, Tiffany, I was treated to a Mommy night out with some much loved Dallas girlfriends. I NEEDED IT. We had dinner at my favorite restaurant and the celebrated with pretty feet/manicures in Northpark. My kind of night with friends! It was a very heart happy night... which let's face it--- is about the best feeling ever.

Aside from family, 7 perfect reasons to love Dallas right here.

Allison took over picture duty for the evening and it was great. I especially love this one because if you look on the veeeerrrryyyyy end next to Maxey, you will notice a nice businessman man enjoying his little Friday feet treat too. And thanks to Allison, his secret is out!
You know, it had an almost-book-club-feeling about it.

Can you believe that two of these ladies have a newborns?! AMAZING. If I could bottle up that energy.
So now, I have some pretty toes which is one more thing checked off the Lucy list. We are definitely in the home stretch now....
It is so wonderful to be surrounded by such joy in these last few weeks before Lucy.

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Stewart Stuff said...

It was such a fun night out! I can't wait to meet Miss Lucy!