Monday, March 28, 2011

Not yet... but almost.

So, there are no pictures to post. This about-to-burst mama has been a little out of bloggy pocket, recently. It seems that in all truth to this labor being different from the rest of the gangs', I have seem to be progressing towards delivery with some wonderful "flu-like" symptoms to boot. Yay for me, right? It seems that in some cases as your body prepares for delivery you start to feel--- sick. And that has been the past few days.

With Molly and Gabriel, I was doing everything I could to rush the process... but now, I would just like to make it to next Tuesday if possible. It really is such a great scenario. Kids have school, Kelly can finish all his end of month client meetings, my mom can be there for an important appointment for my grandmother and I can attend the beautiful wedding of one Sean and Elizabeth this weekend. I have to say though, my body might have its own timeline and I am really reminding myself to be okay with that. There is some perfect timing to all of this and all. Even if it does come with flu-like symptoms.

Appointment tomorrow morning--- so I will know more then but things are DEFINITELY changing. Send good thoughts!


Janet said...

Thinking of and praying for y'all! I can't wait to hear about all of the details and see pictures of your sweet new baby! It is so hard in the end for so many reasons and you are doing great! You are right, it will all work out perfectly!

sarah said...

SO excited for you to be a mama of three soon! Looking forward to the news!!! :) get a little rest if possible!!