Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 Months!

Is it just me or are these Lucy updates coming a little too quickly? Me no likey. But alas, my little bit is 7-months-old today. I'm in DENIAL.

She sure is a cute 7-monther, no?

Lots of new happening this month. For starters. Can I please take a moment to let you know just how hard it is to get a decent picture of Lu now. She has places to be, people. Just this monthly photo round alone, she crawled off, pulled up to knees and out right lunged at me off the bed. It is in moments like these where a non-fancy camera comes in handy. Throw down camera and catch leaping kiddo. Never a good sign when the object in your view screen suddenly zooooooms itself WAY in.

Our busy body.

Lucy is now sporting 2 fully grown chompers and two more just in on each side. NONE on the top. She swims upstream in development.

Do not let this picture fool you. She is of NO help with laundry. In fact... she likes to hurdle nicely stacked piles of folded laundry. I would tell you this bothers me but in all honesty... I am not the one that folds the laundry around here. I'm the washer/dryer of clothing. Baby contained = happy Mommy.

She always finds a way out.
With all this amazing FALL WEATHER, our routines now include outside almost all day. So this...
seems to happen a lot more. Shopping is now so much better too.  Only problem is when she eats my list.
There are all sorts of fun things that happen when you are a full time sitter now. Like, bubble baths with big sister and/or brother. Not going to lie... piling all three together is the BEST thing EVER.

I have so many separate catch-up posts in the works like... the state fair, our birthday bash, Dallas visit and of course... Lucy's baptism. Her outfit is 89 years old in case you were wondering. Hand stitched by her great great grandmother and wore by her great grandma, Nonnie, Mommy, aunts/uncles, cousins and siblings. She was the 12th person to wear it. So special.
 WHAT a fantastic month!
Just take a couple blinks and I am sure that we will be at month 8. Eek.

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Max said...

I am just so incredibly in love with her! I can't waaaaaaaaaait to see all of you in a few weeks! I miss you to death! Oh, miss Lu, your Aunt Maxey loves you SO much! :)