Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small thanks.

Lucy is taking some time today to ponder this concept of thankfulness. We had some great baby talk discussions about it today. This year in particular... she has so many new things that she (and we!!!) are thankful for. There are some BIG new loves in her little life! From grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends... it's there. Wrapping around her sweet little self every day...around us all... bunches of mighty love. Our hearts are brimming over with heaping piles of thankfulness for this amazing love.

Funny thing about amazing love. When it you have it... you are able to settle enough to notice things that often get lost in the blur of living. Certain small favorites that make up our every day May living. Little specials that spontaneously arrive to bring us a great smile. Or a belly laugh. Or a sense of accomplishment and for some reason... often too easily forgotten.

So today. We give thanks for the small favorites too. Because, they're pretty special.

Pea gravel and Mum-mum sorts of special.
Not falling off your bike full speed ahead special...
Climbing up up up to the clouds special.
Everyday. It's there...perhaps something completely new and awaiting discovery. This year, with all our great love helping us keep perspective... we see the small seemingly insignificant with such joy...

And we give THANKS!!!!

Excited to start the holidays! Safe travels!!!

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Joanna said...

The elf on the shelf! We're thinkin' about doing that this year, too!