Sunday, December 4, 2011


Tonight was music heavy and breathing easy. Add to the mix some full voice crowd singing, a perfect photobomb, two encores and you are looking at a perfect Julie sort of night.

And you know what? Somewhere between bucket seats and safety belts, I remembered. After all the years that have passed since I first sat wedged next to an awkward 15 yr. old boy, one shared ear bud of musical goodness and a tummy full of butterflies… the feeling of awkwardness and awe, all came rushing back. And that 15 yr. old boy rocking out next to me was now the 30 year old version of his former self… soaking it up as much as me. We were so in it.

For so long we have missed out on this band… good reasons of course… like our wedding night. Or our first daughter’s birth… or NYE while very pregnant.  No amount of cold rainy weather was stopping us this time. Hubs and I… we like to dance in the rain…especially to some great music.

When the sitter sent the text about a Gabey that kept sneaking out of his room to visit post bedtime? I allowed myself to laugh instead of worry. Because I was that kid… the one that hid behind the Christmas tree from a sitter. And Kel, well… apparently he played dead.  And at the heart of it, we pay our sitters well… and leave them lots of candy. They were fine.

Tonight.  More than ever. I am thankful to live in this music capital. Awesome sounds just pump through every crevice of the city awakening this whole space with music. EVERY WHERE YOU TURN. Want to win my heart? Fill it with some music and its yours.

15 years later.

SO worth the wait.


Rikki said...

So made me tear up just now... Love to you both.

tiffanymiller said...

loves it. miss you.