Friday, December 23, 2011

Trail of Lights---Buda

The Annual Zilker Trail of Lights is a downright favorite in this lady's heart. And you know what? They went and just took it away for the past two years. Budget-Smudget. Yes, we still have the fandango tree for quality spinning underneath but really? I miss my almost mile long of funky twinkly goodness.

Alas. Buda.

Sweet, little,quiet, possibly-owned-by-Cabella's, Buda really stepped it up and stole my heart for one perfect evening this week. As it so happens, Buda, has one awesome "Trail of Lights". For free. No, you read that right--- totally free. Ka-chow.

This whole event was very much dinner and a show for my little Mays as that Hays ISD school bus ride was just about the coolest thing ever.

Lu was diggin' this carseat free way of travel and we most definitely rocked out to at least 3 Gabey led rounds of "Wheels on the bus".

No waits for bus rides and over a mile of twinkly happiness? Road-trip success.

 You know, walking in the dark along a lit up path with a sky full of stars felt alllllmost like camping.

With Snowmen.
 The plentiful photo ops
 and great visit with Santa that ensued were just icing on the cake.

The trail is no longer running for the holiday but be sure to look for it next year. Such a great family date night in Buda!

*Hint.... Going on a Sunday evening was virtually crowd-less. Something to remember for next year.

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