Friday, December 23, 2011

37th Street


"Let me take you to... funkytown..." or for those Austinites---37th street.

If you have never taken a stroll down 37th street at Christmas time than you should definitely note--- there is a little hidden treasure you have been missing out on.

Located right at Guadalupe & 37th this little strip makes for a great alternative for your typical holiday decor. Squelch the urge to drop F-bombs while parking and just know that it when it is all over you can treat yourself to some Amy's on the walk back to your car. See... focus on the finish and while you're at it...

Enjoy the ride.

It's funky.

 It's friendly.

 It's all very Austin.
It can make for a great holiday stroll---even in the rain. Up and running the rest of the holiday!

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