Saturday, December 31, 2011


I have come to realize that there are moments of kiddie-living in which the stars align juuuust right and you capture it all in a perfect collection of family pictures.  Pockets of time, really.

Very deep, rarely found, too-busy-chasing-my-naked-kid-around-the-house pockets of time.

All this is yet another reminder that I am exactly where I want to be. Fuzzy pictures, waist deep in this chaotic muck of life with littles. Squishy-faced, far too loud, hiding my keys under their beds just to see Mommy's crazy face sorts of living. A family-filled holiday with very little pictures to show for it...  out of pocket, running around, wrapped up in all that silly fun with family. Could it get any better?

Our sole attempt at a posed family picture

was immediately forgotten in a candid moment of sibling love.

 Shoes off, I sat back and soaked up my holiday-living where babies rule all

 and the littlest man really can get all the ladies.

Opportunities for surprise
and twinkly goodness
 felt like a present all wrapped up in an extra dose of Christmas magic.

 Amazing bed head,
 very first handbag,
ride my bike through the house in jammies types of magic.
Somewhere between the travel,

the multi-tasking,
the special visits
and master plans

we were just swept up in Christmasy love.

An out-of-pocket holiday. You know, the good kind of special.

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