Monday, December 5, 2011

8 Months!

Holy cannoli it happened again. Another month sped right off taking my 7 month old with it. Hello, eight months... at least you're fun and packed full of cute.

November is busy for just about everyone on the planet and for Lucy, it was no exception.

What a month. After traveling to Dallas (you ole' pro) you celebrated your first Turkey day with all your cousins. The week of your icky "first cold" that followed at least resulted in some good snuggles. Rare for you... and sort of felt at times like a present. Those middle of the night booger sucking sessions most definitely did not though. Lucy, this month you had a real taste of Texas weather. Little chill, immediately followed by a couple days in the high 90s and then a plummet to a frosty 40 degrees several hours later. Why settle for one season when you can enjoy three of them in 24 hours. And hey, you do look awfully cute in all your weather going apparel....

You also had a taste of something else... table food! We have officially welcomed the arrival of self feeding. I can now eat dinner with two hands. Rosie and I are both so excited about this milestone for various reasons... none of them really about Lucy. Hooray autonomy none-the-less.
 Our belly crawler almost immediately transformed into super speed crawler. Just as we almost adjust, she went and changed it again.


Oh, Barbies. Closer, closer and closer still.
Tonight after we finished decorating the tree, Kelly mentioned how fun the holidays have become now that our kids really get in to it. I couldn't agree more.

Lucy, gets "in to it" though in a WHOLE different way.

And then usually, she eats it. 

 Which occasionally backfires for her.
Everyday, she is learning. And exploring. And making us laugh all day long. 

Our Lucy. We just love her so...
What an exciting month of holiday hoopla to come! Month 8 is sure to be great!

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