Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Molly Meal

In the wee hours of morning on a quiet ED shift in the wake of holiday hoopla, I finally find time to process through the immensity of my morning with Molly. Hours later, I still feel the tugging at my heartstrings, ever so gently reminding me to hold close to my memory of today for the rest of my lifetime. As if I could ever forget.

An awareness to the needs around you is often the combination of a mindful spirit and a heart for service. For some, this just comes naturally while with others it takes a little added effort to grow.

Molly entered this world with a flair for the dramatics and a love for all things fancy.

While our world can be quick to label this as sassy, bratty or worse... what often gets overlooked is a quiet willfulness wrapped up in heart of kindness, awaiting opportunities to grow.

Cultivate that.

This is our role as parents. Celebrate the uniqueness of your child and provide them with opportunities to grow ever so greatly into this vast world around them. Show them what it is to live by teaching them what it is give of their talents. To love. To lead.

Empower them.

"A Molly Meal" was the result of a hair full of suds and a mouthful of apple. For all the things that may take effort, talking about her plans is not one of them. Somewhere between chewing and scrubbing were discussions on the importance of cleanliness, nourishment and rest. With these discussions came the acute awareness that some people are severely lacking in these most basic needs.

Talk about planting a seed of service.

Today marked my heart. It was a morning spent discussing big thoughts of her world all the while looping the bridges of Austin delivering food for the homeless. My fancy gal... and her beautiful heart. Presents smechents. This morning, was my most favorite gift.

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives."

Mother Theresa


Sandra Kohlmann said...

It's Christmas Eve, you're not supposed to be making me cry! Your daughter is beautiful inside and out. It is a great gift that you supported her endeavor that was little for you, but huge for others. Merry Christmas to your lovely family!

Donna said...

Beautiful, thoughtful children are not products of themselves, Julie. These are learned traits. You and Kelly are the great teachers of these little people, pouring so much love into them that it overflows onto others We love you all and pray for the Mays to have a lovely, gentle Christmas.

Jayme said...

Boy do we have a nack for parenting these strong willed and emotionally wonderful little poeple. I love Miss Molly May and I hope Molly and Jayda stay BFFs forever! What a great and inspirational idea! I'm so going to steal it! You are an inspirational momma!!

sarah said...

oh my goodness Julie - this made me cry. for lots of reasons. the preciousness in her (and your) giving spirit...and also the description and recognition of her personality in such a beautiful way. She remindes me alot of Abigail, and it was so good to read your words to remember to "cultivate that" in her. Her "sassiness" is a gift (though it doesnt always feel like it to me). love you and your sweet family! :) i know I always tell you but you are such an amazing mama!! blessings!

tiffanymiller said...

We might adopt the idea for Molly Meals. Tell Molly her giving spirit is spreading. Love you and your babies.