Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twinkly love

I am about ankle deep here in Christmas-y goodness and there is just no turning back. And while my shopping list is severely lacking in completion, our cards have yet to arrive from Shutterfly and I can't stop eating all the sweets on hand... for this overflowing cup of Yuletide cheer... I welcome it all.

It's the twinkly goodness sorts of holiday love.

It's everywhere. Drive to the grocery store at night? Sure... no problem, I got this. But please note, I will additionally be driving two blocks over to look at the illumino fantastico while rocking out to Boys II Men Christmas. Alone.

It happened.


And it was wonderful.

The added opportunities to re-fall in love with the cuteness of my little people? On stage? In costume? Come on. That's about the best thing ever.

So great that despite the fact that I did not record a bit of it on camera, nor manage to take a single picture during the performance, annnnnnnd Lucy may have yakked all down Grandpa Miller's fancy jacket just as Mary arrived at the manager. (Note. Helicopter baby + full tummy = RISK with the very limited chance of reward.) Despite ALL of that... I never stopped smiling.

Because it was MY sheep that managed to NOT go all rogue on the Baby Jesus in his "barn" and MY angel that actually made eye contact with us and I really believe allllmost smiled. That little lip curl was righhhht there. So my smile celebrated this HUGE milestone... all the while cleaning the baby vom off Gpa with my spit and the Hootie Hider. Now tell me that's not Twinkly Christmas magical.
The best part? We still have a bunch of holiday left. Two more performances, two holiday parties, THE TWINKLE LIGHT DATE (more to come on that), a visit with Santa, one big twirl under the Zilker tree and of course... a rockin' holiday in Dallas. Oooooo. If I had bells on my shoes they would so be jingling right now.

Instead we'll settle for Pajama dance parties to Christmas music...with our very own Cindy Lou Who.
 Mays heart Christmas.

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Joanna said...

You seriously have the cutest kiddos! Love these pics!!